Content marketing is now one of the primary tools in the digital marketers toolbox. It’s a way to engage with potential customers, and for building inbound links and organic search engine traffic.

The focus of content marketing is the creation and distribution of high quality content that is relevant to your target audience. The ultimate aim is always to generate sales, but the more immediate goal is to draw potential customers to your website where you can start to work on converting them to actual customers. Content marketing is sometimes referred to as a non-interruption marketing method, as opposed to traditional marketing methods like TV advertising where the viewers program is interrupted by the advert.

Like all areas of digital marketing, content marketing is constantly changing. What worked last year may not be so successful this year. However, the clever people at Kayak have come up with this list of basic rules that should help to guide you through this constantly shifting world. The 21 rules of content marketing covers everything from keywords and brand identity, to getting the most out of your content ideas. You’ll also want to create high quality content so why not have a look at our blog post writing guide, and our guide to creating visual content.

content marketing infographic

This infographic was created by Kayak.