New Pay Monthly Web Design Norfolk

by | Dec 13, 2018 | News | 0 comments

This month we are rolling out our new pay monthly website design service to clients around Norfolk.

For the past few years we have, like most web design companies, price each project individually according to the work involved. Once the project was finished we simply invoiced the client. While there is nothing wrong with this system, and we continue to offer websites on a pay-per-project basis, the cost rarely stops there.

Your website will need hosting on a web server, and your domain is usually registered on a yearly basis. You might also have a premium SSL certificate that needs renewing each year.

Most modern websites are built with a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. There are lots of advantages to using a CMS. You can add new content to the website yourself, without knowing any code. There are also lots of plugins available for WordPress. These let you do things like connect your website to your social media accounts or marketing software, and integrate payment gateways.  However, all this software needs to be kept up to date.

Website security is more important than ever. Hackers look for websites with out of date software, themes, or plugins. They are able to exploit their weaknesses to gain control of a website, redirecting the traffic to their own web pages. By updating your website regularly you’ll always have the most secure code, making it much harder for the hackers.

Keeping on top of the hosting, registrations, and updates adds up into a significant cost for the website owner, in both time and money.

A new way to manage your website

The pay monthly model allows us to include much much more than you’d normally get from a web designer. For £45/month we will build you a professionally designed mobile friendly website. The website is hosted in the UK, with a content delivery network setup to deliver your content to anywhere in the world at lightening speed. All our websites are served securely with a SSL certificate, and our servers meet the tougher PCI compliant standard required by card payment gateway providers. Domain registration is also included for for most websites.

Once your website is launched we monitor it constantly. Our software scans the website daily, checking that the website is up and working correctly, that the webpages are being delivered fast, and monitoring the website for any potential security problems. The WordPress core code, plugins, and theme are all updated every 7 days at a minimum. We roll out more important updates as they become available. If you should be unlucky enough to be targeted by a hacker we will recover your website for you and help you resolve any security issues logged by Google.

Web design for Norfolk small businesses

If you own a Norfolk based small business and you’d like to get online give us a call on 01692 430121. BrainWeb is based near North Walsham, but we work with companies from all parts of the county.

Do you want a planet-friendly website?

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