Explorer Story

E-commerce Website Design

Explorer Story is a Norfolk based startup in Fakenham. They approached us for a website and branding for their new subscription based e-commerce business.

The website had to promote their business, provide a point of contact for any interested in what they were doing, and have an e-commerce facility where people could sign up for the story box subscription offer.

Being a startup they only had a limited amount of content to add to the website. To make the most of this we based the website around a single page concept, but with additional pages for the e-commerce system. We built the website on a WordPress base so that it would be easy to scale up as the company grew. The e-commerce system supports both one off and subscription , using PayPal as the main payment gateway.

We have also added a blog to the website so that Explorer Story can publish their own posts, and start a content marketing campaign. To this end we set up social media integration and automated the publishing of new posts to their channels. A popup form was added to the front page to encourage visitors to subscribe to the latest news and blog posts, and this was integrated with the clients MailChimp account.

Client: Explorer Story, Fakenham, Norfolk
Sector: Training & Education
Services: Wordpress Website Design & Build, Logo Design, Hosting
Project URL: View Website