WordPress Web Design for Robertson’s Mole Control

Mar 1, 2023

BrainWeb was recently tasked with designing and building a WordPress website for Robinson’s Mole Control, a local business based in Smallburgh, Norfolk. The goal of the project was to create a modern, user-friendly website that effectively communicated the services offered by Robinson’s Mole Control.

The design process involved creating custom graphics and selecting a colour scheme that reflected the brand’s personality and services offered. A clean and intuitive layout was chosen to ensure that visitors could easily navigate the website and find the information they needed.

Once the design was finalised, we began the build process using WordPress. The website was built with a responsive design to ensure that it looked great on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. Special attention was paid to the website’s loading speed, as research has shown that faster loading times improve user experience and can improve search engine rankings.

To ensure that the website was effective in communicating Robinson’s Mole Control’s services, the team worked closely with Les Robinson to ensure that all necessary information was included. This included detailed information about the mole control services offered, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section to answer common questions.

Overall, the project was a great success, and the new website has been well-received by Robinson’s Mole Control’s customers.

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