RGA Property Solutions

Dec 3, 2022

RGA Property Solutions approached us with a clear brief as they prepared to enter the Manchester property market: to create a functional and user-friendly website that catered to property owners, investors, and individuals looking to buy or let.

Working closely with the RGA team, we developed a WordPress site that was both intuitive and comprehensive. The central feature, the property listing system, was carefully constructed to provide detailed information about each property. This was complemented by a blog section where RGA could offer insights and updates on the property market – a valuable resource for their diverse audience.

Given the brief, we opted for a minimalist design, in line with current British design sensibilities. This ensured that visitors could easily navigate the site and find what they were looking for. In addition, we were tasked with designing a logo that captured the essence of RGA, resulting in a simple yet distinctive visual identity for the company.

The website was further enhanced with features like a straightforward contact form, SEO-friendly elements, and a mobile-responsive layout. The outcome was a platform where RGA could effectively introduce their services to Manchester’s property scene.

Project Info


RGA Property Solutions Mobile Web Design

Mobile view of the website demonstrating the responsive page design.