Single Page Website for The Norfolk Axeman

Feb 24, 2023

 Project Outline

The Norfolk Axeman is a local log splitting service that provides a range of wood processing solutions to the residents of Norfolk. After problems with their old website they asked us to create a simple, single page WordPress website, that would showcase their services and help their customers discover them online.

The main aim of the project was to create an attractive and user-friendly website that could be easily accessed by potential customers on both mobile and desktop devices. The design of the website was kept simple and minimalist to ensure easy navigation and quick loading times. A clear and concise layout was adopted to ensure that the message of the website was conveyed effectively, and potential customers could easily find the information they were looking for. We used a responsive design approach to ensure that the website could adjust to fit the screen size of any device.

The website was designed as a single page site, where all the content was available on a single page, which could be scrolled down to reveal more information. We also added a navigation menu, with links to different sections of the website available at the top of the page. The website was optimized to load quickly, even on mobile devices with slow internet connections.


Project Info


Norfolk Axeman Mobile View-min

We used a responsive design for the website, so it looks great on mobile and tablet screens as well as laptops and desktop machines.  

logo for The Norfolk Axeman

We included an updated logo design as part of the project.