10 things you may not know about social media

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Social media is an increasingly import part of digital marketing. Understanding the nuances of each channel, and who their audience is, can make a difference to the success of your marketing channels. Start by finding out the best time to post updates and engage with your audience. For example 3.oo pm on a Friday is a great time to post on Facebook, while on Linkedin you’d be better off posting midweek at 12.00 pm. Each network has its own peak times for interacting.

The way people are using social networks is also changing. Many people now use them to search for information, Facebook are reporting one and half billion searches a day. Content is your most valuable marketing tool, buts it’s important to get it right. Make sure it it reflects your company culture, and use a mix of medias. Most marketers view written content as the most valuable, but you should also consider visual content like infographics and video, and curated content. Posts with photos have been show to get more interactions. 87% of facebook interactions are on posts with photos, and 75% of page updates are photos.

Don’t forget that social networks are places for conversations. You’ll want your followers engaged with your business or brand, but as with any conversation don’t expect everyone to agree with you. Try not to get into arguments online, and accept that someone may have a different opinion, whether you agree with it or not. However, these conversations can also be a great source of ideas for new products or services, or improvements to existing ones. Social media offers a fantastic opportunity for you to listen to your customers and find out what they want.

It takes time to develop a following on most social media channels, gaining authority and trust doesn’t happen overnight. However, it is worth the investment so post regularly and strike up conversations with your customers and other industry experts.

things you may not know about social media infographic

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