2016 Digital marketing trends guide for SMBs

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There are a lot of exciting new online marketing developments this year, and keeping on top of them all is a challenge. However, they also offer some unique ways to stay ahead of the competition and push your business to the next level. This article looks at the digital marketing trends for 2016, and how you can apply them to your business.


Companies often measure the success of their online marketing efforts by looking at metrics like the number of website visitors, number of facebook followers, or the number of shares, etc. However, these are vanity metrics which can give a distorted view of your online efforts. However, businesses are starting to get smarter and are looking for the KPI’s that really show performance at the sharp end of the sales funnel. Some are going a step further and setting up company ‘dashboards’ that collect the KPI data and display it in real time. If you’re going to invest a significant amount of time and money in your digital marketing efforts, it’s worth spending a little time deciding on how to track the ROI.

Think Global

Many many business owners are still trapped in the mindset that they only supply customers in the UK, or locally. Global trade is still seen as the domain of big business and big budgets. However, the world has changed a lot over the last 10 years, and there is very little to stop you trading worldwide if you want to. There are online stores across the country selling to Europe, the U.S., and other parts of the world, so why not you?


Making your marketing efforts stand out has never been easy, however you can go a long way by tailoring your marketing to individuals. This can be as easy as sending marketing emails using the consumer’s name rather than a general catch all. If you’re happy getting a bit more technical you can try Google AdWords remarketing service to target people who have already visited your site but not purchased anything.

Big data and data scientists

If your business is online the chances are you have a lot of data that you could be using. Big data is now big business, as companies develop ways to analyse their data and look for ways to improves their sales performance, find more customers, and streamline operations.

Mobile friendly websites are essential

Every year people are using their phones more to browse the internet. Over 50% of Google searches are now made from mobile devices, and facebook are reporting 75% of their revenue coming from mobile adverts. If you to reach your customers on their mobile devices you need a mobile friendly website. Its not just a matter of user experience, Google will not feature your website in mobile search results if it’s not mobile friendly. Fortunately this is relatively easy to fix with a responsive web design.

Influencer marketing

With consumers spending an average of well over an hour a day on social media, it’s no surprise that influences their buying decisions. People look to their online connections to see what they’re buying and who from, and will listen more closely to recommendations from people they follow. Savvy marketers are starting to target key individuals on social media, who have the potential to influence the buying decisions of others.

New technology

There are often new marketing opportunities with new technology, and there are some key technologies that will have a huge impact on marketing over the next few years. Virtual reality headsets, wearable technology, and the internet of things are all starting to display opportunity for smart marketers willing to explore. Travel agents Thomas Cook have started producing VR holiday demonstrations, allowing customer to try a virtual visit before deciding. Wearable technology is eliminating the boundary between online and offline marketing, and offering opportunities for highly localised advertising.

Digital marketing trends 2016

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