Small Business SEO Checklist

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For a small business search engine optimisation (SEO) offers one of the most cost-effective way to get more potential customers to your website.  SEO can seem complicated and intimidating to those outside of the profession. There are well over 200 ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm, and nobody but Google knows for sure how it works. However, there is a lot that can be done with a minimal knowledge of the subject. The following list of 75 actionable steps was put together by the clever folks at Capsicum Mediaworks, and covers most on page and off page points that an SEO expert might look for.

Starting with on site SEO, it covers a range of potential problems that are easily overlooked. It also provides tips and advice on how you can improve your rank through better content, linking out, etc. The off page SEO section covers everything from submitting the site to the Google Search Console, to competitor link analysis.

Using the SEO Checklist

When going through the checklist we recommend you follow the same two overriding principles that we use here.

  1. The visitor comes first. Never optimise part of your website for SEO if it comes at the expense of user experience. This isn’t just about a customer first principle, it’s good business sense. The user experience that your website provides will have a direct effect on other important metrics. Poor user experience leads to higher bounce rates and poor conversion rates. Websites with a great user experience have low bounce rates and will convert many more visitors into paying customers. Always put you customer first.
  2. Never try to play Google. If you think you’ve found a way to deceive the search algorithm with the goal of ranking higher, don’t be tempted. Google employs thousands of very very smart people to find tricks and loopholes in the search algorithm. When they find sites that are trying to play the search engine they give them a penalty. This may mean your website drops down in the search results, or it can mean your site being removed completely from the search results.


Small Business SEO Checklist

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