Web Design Trends You Need to be Aware of in 2016

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Website Design | 0 comments

Web design is constantly evolving with changing fashions, and more importantly with new tools and standards that allow us designers to do new things. There are several important trends to keep an eye on this year. Some could be called visual fashion, such as parallax scrolling where a background image is moved to give the effect of motion and depth. Others are more important and affect how consumers interact with your website, and even how it’s ranked in the search results. A good example is responsive website design, google will remove your website from mobile searches if it isn’t mobile friendly. One last trend to keep a look out for is single page websites, these have become incredibly popular and are great if you only have a small amount of information to publish. The following infographic from Digital Media Sapiens summaries the major web design trends in 2016.

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