When is it time to get a new website?

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Most businesses will want their websites to look fresh and up to date, but you don’t want to rebuild your site every year. If you need to decide if it’s time for a website redesign this useful chart will help guide you through the decision process, and ensure you’ve considered all the important aspects. You’ll want to consider 3 key areas when making the decision.

First, why do you need a website, what are your goals, and who is your target audience. If you current website isn’t targeting the right viewers, or isn’t’ delivering on your business goals, then it won’t be doing your business any good.

Second, look at the structure and content of your website. Is the page hierarchy clear and easily indexable, does it make sense to visitors. You want to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to find the information they are looking for.  How well written is the content, does it use language that your target audience understands, is it up to date, and do you need a content strategy.

Finally, does the design look up to date, or stuck in the last decade? Your website is your businesses shop front. If it looks updated, well maintained, and carries authority, you customers will associate those attributes with your business. On the other hand if the website is dated and poorly organised people will get the impression of a second rate business. For many potential customers your website is the first impression they get of your business, and first impressions tend to stick.


When is it time to get a new website?

This infographic was created by bigduck.

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