We obviously care about bespoke website design at BrainWeb, it’s what we do. There are many good reasons for choosing a custom design for your business. Cheap generic designs don’t generally work well for a business. You end up looking like everyone else, and they aren’t designed with your business or your customers in mind.

With a bespoke web design the website is tailored to your business. A good web designer will start by looking at who your customers are. It needs to ensure that the website is appealing and will work for them. A good designer will also look at your business goals. What do you want the website to do for your company? Are you trying to educate potential customers about your brand, or are your trying to sell your product direct to your customers. Finally, a well designed website will match and compliment any existing branding material you have. It will make your business more recognisable in your marketplace.

The infographic below lists 12 great reasons for choosing a bespoke web design.

12 Reasons Bespoke Website Design Matters

Infographic created by Proweaver.