Rise of the content hacker

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Growth hacking is a term that been about for a few years now, it was first used by Sean Ellis in 2010. It is a marketing methodology popular with startups, where the focus is on quick growth of the companies userbase. Growth hackers use low cost marketing methods, such as social media and viral marketing, to reach as large an audience as possible for a relatively low cost. A content hacker is a content marketer that is focused on growing the traffic to their website.

What does a growth hacker look like?

  • A content Hacker is focused on finding a content-audience fit, as opposed to a marketer looking for a product-market fit.
  • A Content Hacker is focused on the growth of traffic to their website, and the content they are publishing.
  • Content Hackers are always looking for new opportunities to turn contacts into connections.
  • Where a Growth Hacker sees scale, a content hacker sees sustainability.
  • Content Hackers are data driven, measuring their results and adjusting their methods accordingly.
  • Content Hackers use SEO methods to optimise their content and make the most of their search base.
  • Content Hackers look for ways to manufacture viral growth.
  • There are no style guides.

To grow their audience a content hacker needs sharable content

  • People are visual creatures, posts with images get 94% more views. Visual content is shared more often and more quickly compared to content without any visual elements.
  • 36% of people show a preference for headlines that start with numbers.
  • Long form content ranks better, posts with 2400 or more words constantly outrank shorter posts on Google.
  • Adding a blog to your website will give on average 434% more pages for Google to index.
  • Video is becoming ever more popular, with 36 of the top 75 shares on facebook including a video.
  • 53% of digital marketers rank content as the single most effective SEO strategy.
  • 78% of people think that companies providing original content are interested in fostering good relations with their customers.

Growth hacking and content hacking are both scrappy in nature, it is more of a mindset than a method. However, if you have the mindset the returns can be well worth the effort.

content hacker infographic

Infographic by CoSchedule

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